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Organic Culinary Matcha SEN 100g

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Don't let the name fool you, our culinary grade Matcha is sourced exclusively from 1st harvest leaves, resulting in the finest quality 'kitchen grade' matcha available.

Flavor Notes:  Strong matcha flavor with nutty notes and a warm, sweet leafy nose that has a bit of an acidic edge and a slightly ragged finish on the tongue. 

Tea Cultivar: Blend

Farm Region: Haruno, Shizuoka

Grade: 1st Harvest Culinary

15 ~ 20 servings per tin

Usage: Stir, whisk, or sprinkle Culinary Matcha into all your favorite dishes for a delightful twist.

Happiness Guarantee

Direct From Farm

1st Harvest Crop, these leaves are shade grown and hand picked by local farmers within Haruno village.

Made in Small Batches

Freshly milled in small batches for the freshest Matcha powder in every bag.

3rd Party Tested

We routinely test for heavy metals, radiation, pesticdes, and various toxins to provide the most refined Matcha in every cup.

A Healthy Boost

Rich with antioxdants (L-theanine) , provides energy, a healthy immune system and helps cleanse the body.

Our culinary grade Matcha brings joy to the table with every scoop. Many cookies, lattes, smoothies and scrumptious desserts were made using this fine flavored Green Tea Powder. Easy to use, while it’s also organic, vegan, and tested rigorously for radiation and toxins like molds and heavy metals, because we take your health as seriously as we take our matcha. Visit our blog to see some of the recipes we've come up with!

Certified Organic, Vegan

Over 137x ECGC compared to regular tea

No chemicals preservatives, additives, soy, or gluten.

Tested for Toxins, heavy metals and radiation

Clean, healthy and delicious cup of Matcha

"I have tried this product in a few different ways my favorite is with honey and coconut milk, hot or cold (iced). I am amazed that so little goes so far. I hope all the health benefits are as good as they are reported to be, if they are I will be totally pleased."

– Marty

"Taste, consistency, health benefits and well designed packaging all make for a satisfying purchase and use of the product"

– Gary

Background: Isagawa Plantation

Organic Valley

Our organic matcha is sourced from Isagawa, an area within Haruno village in the mountains of west Shizuoka. The plantation is located in an "organic valley" and enjoys natural shading and mist from nearby mountain slopes. The cultivation techniques used here mean there is no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, resulting in a delicious and healthy cup of matcha.

The plantation runs from 300-540m in altitude and benefits from the area's natural shading and fog/mist. The organic farmers' cultivation techniques, coupled with the cooler climate, means there is no risk of bug damage during the first flush spring season.

Lower caffeine, high energy, less stress...

Our Organic Matcha helps you find calm, detox, and balance. Read more about all the ways Matcha nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

Get the right temperature

Our guide to making a great cup

Making matcha is easy with a few simple steps.

Frequently asked Questions

Only the finest

How our Matcha is Made

Why Choose Midori Spring?

We're not just another tea company. Our quest for something unique takes us to the heart of Japan, where we connect with farmers and test countless blends. Why? To bring you teas that stand out in flavor and taste. It's personal for us, and we hope you'll taste the difference.

Responsibly sourced from Local Japanese Producers

3rd Party Lab Tested

No Added Sugar or Dairy

100% Happiness Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews


Great flavor!!

First time ordering matcha. I have been buying at Starbucks. Honestly I like the flavor of this much better. And I know what I’m putting in my drink. Great taste. Love it!


Love this matcha

A Brand and Product You Can Trust For Quality

As always Midori Springs provided excellent product and on this most recent occasion provided exceptional Customer Service and follow up on the order which required international shipping.

The best Matcha!

I have tried different brands of Matcha tea ceremonial and culinary but have fallen in love with Midori Matcha. I only hope price was bit lower for ceremonial matcha tea.

The Ceremonial Kit

Bundle up some joy with our best Matcha and classic accessories.