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Taste The Difference

Our Matcha is unlike any supermarket brand. We source only the finest leaves, hand-selected by world-renowned masters, to create truly unique and exceptional blends.

Health & Flavor

We strive for the ultimate balance of health and flavor. Shade grown to encourage phytonutrients that give you a natural energy boost, support a healthy immune system, and help you detox.

Clean and Pure

More than just organic. Our tea powders are tested for heavy metals, radiation and various toxins to ensure you get the purest cup possible.

Freshly Ground

Our teas are milled in small batches to ensure they stay fresh when they arrive at your doorstep.

Happiness Promise

We want you to be happy, so try our Matcha risk free!

Over 2000 Reviews

Crafted by us, brewed by you

Dark and Smoky

New Hoji

Introducing our finest roast yet: a roasted green tea powder so sublime, you can sip it straight.

Where To Begin?

We have a Matcha just for you.

Lattes and Cookies?

This is the perfect Matcha to add to your tasty culinary creations without the premium cost.

Easy Friendly Matcha

No pressure if you're new! Beginner friendly, tasty and versatile. Our top selling favorite with lots of flavor and a little bit of an edge.

A Little More Premium

A high class blend for those looking for a delicious daily pick me up. Smooth, strong, and packs a punch.

More Refined Taste

Seasoned Matcha drinker? This specialty single origin Matcha, boasts a pronounced flavor that will satisfy even the most seasoned enthusiasts.

Rare and Strong

For the true explorer. This rare leaf, grown in just one location on earth, boasts a robust umami flavor and distinct complexity.

Independent Lab Tested

Healthy Leaf, Healthy Body

We take Matcha quality seriously. That's why we run our powders through 3rd party testing, making sure there are no unwanted visitors like moulds, toxins, or pesticides in your cup. Savor the pure, green goodness every time.

Meet our Founder

Passionate about tea, true to good health

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