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Premium Ground Tea Powder - Taste More, Feel Better

Discover a modern take on tradition with our all-day Japanese-crafted Matcha and blends, combining antioxidants, energy, and metabolic health.

  • Authentic Japanese grown leaves and ingredients.
  • Clean, pure and pristine.
  • Low caffeine, daily antioxidant health.

Health & Flavor

Who said healthy can't be delicious? By utilizing shade-grown, fine ground whole leaves and enriched ingredients, we're maximizing both taste and nutrient absorption.

Taste The Difference

Our Stone/Micro ground powders are sourced only from the finest Japanese farms, hand-selected by world-renowned masters, to create truly unique and exceptional brews.

Clean and Pure

More than just organic. We test for heavy metals, radiation and various toxins to ensure you get the purest cup possible.

Freshly Ground

Each tin is freshly milled in small batches to ensure they stay fresh when they arrive at your doorstep.

Happiness Promise

We're not just here to sell tea; we're here to make your day better. If our teas don't bring a smile to your face and a sense of joy to your cup, let us know. We'll make it right.

Over 3000 Reviews Wordwide

Crafted by us, brewed by you

Where to begin?

Matcha Selection

Choose from our flagship and rare Matcha with this easy to browse guide.

Roasted to perfection

Roasted traditional tea powders with a modern touch.

Make it a set

Explore our curated bundles, perfect for experienced brewers or newbies.

Milky Soft

New Miru Matcha

A limited rare Matcha that's easy to drink and not too intimidating.

"We believe stone and micro-ground powders bring more to the table than loose leaf. Our journey began with sourcing Matcha for sipping like fine wine, alongside unique Japanese-crafted blends. These selections aren't just for desserts—they're curated for exploration and enjoyment, challenging the ordinary."

Dark and Smoky

Hoji Hojicha

Introducing our finest roast yet: a roasted green tea powder so sublime, you can sip it straight.

Meet our Founder

Passionate about tea, true to good health

Independent Lab Tested

Healthy Leaf, Healthy Body

We take our leaf quality seriously. That's why we run our powders through 3rd party testing, making sure there are no unwanted visitors like moulds, toxins, or pesticides in your cup. Savor the pure, green goodness every time.

The Perfect Creamy Matcha

Quick and Easy Methods for Making the Best Cup

Tasty Creations and News

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