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Matcha Selection Guide

Think all matcha is the same? We see it differently. Choosing from our selection is easy. We've dedicated years into sourcing single harvest and curating blends that resonate with every taste and need. Explore our selection—it's specially crafted to be anything but ordinary.

Our Matcha Lineup

Fan favorite

Easy Friendly Matcha

No pressure if you're new! Beginner friendly, tasty and versatile. Our top selling favorite with lots of flavor and a little bit of an edge.

Our Flagship

A Little More Premium

A high class blend for those looking for a delicious daily pick me up. Smooth, strong, and packs a punch.


More Refined Taste

Seasoned Matcha drinker? This specialty single origin Matcha, boasts a pronounced flavor that will satisfy even the most seasoned enthusiasts.

Enthusiastically Inviting

Rare and Milky

An approachable limited edition Matcha with an easy and smooth taste made for enthusiasts and beginners alike.


Rare and Strong

For the true explorer. This rare leaf, grown in just one location on earth, boasts a robust umami flavor and distinct complexity.

Kitchen and Cafe

Lattes and Cookies?

This is the perfect Matcha to add to your tasty culinary creations without the premium cost.






Why Buy Midori Spring?

It should be easy to have the best, organically sourced, healthy and delicious daily cup of Matcha.

Freshly Ground Matcha

Milled in small batches for the freshest Matcha powder in every tin.

Healthy and Pure

Strict farming practices ensures purest leaves are hand picked for our Matcha.

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Our Guarantee

Easy and free returns if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Bundle & Save

Matcha Starter Kit

Master the art of Matcha with the complete set of traditional tools.

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