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Besides this website (, we have a small number of growing shops and retailers. For physical retail businesses please contact them directly for product availability.


Life & Food Inc.


The Chef's Pantry - Toronto, Canada


Pucci Cafe - Katy, Texas, USA

Beden Cafe - Montreal, QC, Canada

Blac Flamingo Coffee - Culebra, Puerto Rico

Brewster's Coffee Co - Seaford, UK

If you would like to see Midori Spring Organic Matcha at your local store or cafe, please send us an e-mail Please see the application here

Why Midori Spring?

Cultivating Community

 We believe in supporting the hands that nurture the soil and cultivate our tea with love and expertise. Small farms, big dreams – that's where our tea begins.

Clean Tea Commitment

Cleanliness is the heart of our tea philosophy. Our teas are Organic Certified & undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure they are free from toxins. 

Sustainable Practices & Farming

We’re all about leaving the planet in great shape for future generations. From seed to cup, we follow a path that's green, responsible, and deeply respectful of Mother Nature.

Celebrating Tea Mastery

We don't just source tea; we form bonds with tea masters. These partnerships allow us to offer unique, artisanal teas that aren't mass-produced but carefully crafted. It's a celebration of skill, tradition, and the art of tea-making.

So Matcha Love