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Long Handle Matcha Whisk - Handmade Purple Bamboo 40 Prongs

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This bamboo whisk is a departure from the norm—it's long and boasts fewer prongs. So, you might be wondering, what is it used for? This unique whisk is perfectly suited for creating rich Koicha or whisking in smaller cups, offering unparalleled versatility for your Matcha moments.

  • 40 prongs, ideal for Koicha (thick) Matcha tea.
  • 6-inch (15cm) Length.
  • Handmade from purple bamboo.
  • Comes with a kraft cardboard sleeve for travel/storage.
Natural Bamboo
No Chemicals
Happiness Guarantee

Traditional Bamboo Whisk

Whisk it good

Unleash the inner tea master with the perfect handy tool - the traditional Chasen for making Matcha like a seasoned expert.

Preserve Your Whisk

Chasens are not meant to last forever, but proper care will prolong its life span.

Do not soak the bottom of the whisk in water. DO NOT use soaps or detergents to wash. NOT dishwasher safe.

When not in use, keep the Chasen upright to avoid damage (the tines are fragile). 

During use, whisk your matcha in a "W" or "M" motion until froth appears. Try not to put downward forced pressure on the tines, for example try to avoid touching the bottom of the bowl when whisking. 

After each use, you may rinse it or soak it in water, and let it AIR DRY COMPLETELY. Make sure to rinse off all the tiny bits of matcha on the tines. Try to shake off any excess water before letting it sit upright (tines facing up).

Once the Chasen is completely dry, you may store it upright (tines facing up) in a cool, dry place.

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