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Takayama Long Handle 40P Purple Bamboo Chasen - Kubo Sabun

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Long handle purple bamboo Takayma Chasen. Each Chasen (tea whisk) is individually unique since it is handmade. To make the Chasen by hand takes many hours and requires a specific set of skills passed down from many generations. This beautifully complex, high prong count Chasen ensures Matcha is evenly mixed, creating a creamy frothy texture.

  • Made in: Takayama-cho Ikoma City Nara, Japan
  • Material: All natural Japanese white bamboo 
  • Hand Crafted by: Master Craftsman Mr. Kubo Sabun
  • Usage: Ideal for making strong thick tea (Koicha)
  • Number of prongs: (around 40 Prongs) Mr. Kubo Sabun will determine the number of prongs based on the bamboo's characteristics and will make the best shape
  • Characteristics: Easy to use and durable. 5.8-inch (14cm)
Limited Quantity
No Chemicals

Individually Inspected and Carefully Packed. Allow 2-3 Days Handling


Kubo Sabun

Master of his craft

Only a very small handful of artisans remain today making the Takayama Chasen.

Most have retired in the Winter of 2015. Since this Chasen is made by hand, only a limited number is available. 

Mr. Kubo Sabun is the 24th generation Master Craftsman for the Takayama Chasen. All of Mr. Kubo Sabun's tea whisks are beautifully hand crafted and made from all natural superior quality Japanese white bamboo grown in the Nara Prefecture of Japan.  

How it's made

Traditional Whisks

*These are not videos taken from Kubo Sabun, but rather for educational purposes.

Preserve Your Whisk

Chasens are not meant to last forever, but proper care will prolong its life span.

Do not soak the bottom of the whisk in water. DO NOT use soaps or detergents to wash. NOT dishwasher safe.

When not in use, keep the Chasen upright to avoid damage (the tines are fragile). 

During use, whisk your matcha in a "W" or "M" motion until froth appears. Try not to put downward forced pressure on the tines, for example try to avoid touching the bottom of the bowl when whisking. 

After each use, you may rinse it or soak it in water, and let it AIR DRY COMPLETELY. Make sure to rinse off all the tiny bits of matcha on the tines. Try to shake off any excess water before letting it sit upright (tines facing up).

Once the Chasen is completely dry, you may store it upright (tines facing up) in a cool, dry place.