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Latest Heavy Metals Testing Report - SAFE for consumption

Latest Heavy Metals Testing Report - SAFE for consumption

Our latest Heavy Metals Testing Report is now available. Please see results below. Testing is conducted by Eurofins USA.

Test Report No. U701046
Report Date : February 02, 2017

Arsenic - 0.038ppm

Cadmium - 0.016ppm

Lead - 0.207ppm

Mercury - Not detected (<0.014ppm)

We test for Heavy Metals and ensure it is well below the allowable limit and that it is 100% safe for our consumers. Our testings usually show some of the Heavy Metals are not detected. Companies that claim their Matcha is "free of Heavy Metals" are falsely advertising because these substances are natural and it is impossible for it not to exist.

For example: Lead is a natural substance and exists everywhere in nature.

All plants may acquire Lead because it can be absorbed from the soil or air. By conducting lab tests, we are able to monitor and keep it at a minimum and safe level. We also follow strict organic and food standards.

In general approximately, 0.2g is contained in a meal/day, 0.1g from water, and 0.03mg from air intake. It will vary depending on where you are living and the environmental conditions and will always change due to nature.

The amount of Lead found in our Matcha is very LOW compared to some competitors. Our tests show the Lead amount is on average between >0.207ppm to >0.135ppm. PPM (parts per million) is used to denote a very, very low concentration of a solution/substance.

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