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Organic Ceremonial Matcha Emerald 100g

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A delightful and easy-to-brew Matcha, our leaves were selected for the casual drinkers, beginners, and latte mixers alike, without any compromises.

A standout flavor you can count on, without the grassy aftertaste. This is a delightful blend with roasted notes of bright green pepper and a smooth creamy mouthfeel.

Tea Cultivar: Varietal Blend

Farm Region: Aichi and Kagoshima, Japan

Grade: Stone Ground Ceremonial

100g tin (50 ~ 75 servings per tin)

Usage: Make delightful lattes or a nice frothy Usucha (thin) brew.

Happiness Guarantee

High Quality Matcha

Early harvest ceremonial Matcha blend – your gateway into exceptional Matcha.

Energy and Antioxidants

Packed with EGCG and L-theanine for natural energy without the crash, immune support, and detox.

Clean and Pure

Beyond organic: tested for metals, radiation, and toxins for a pure cup everytime.

Made in Small Batches

Milled in small batches for the freshest Matcha powder delivered your doorstep.

The Fan Favorite

What is Emerald Matcha?

A balance of premium taste with unrivaled versatility. Ground from 1st flush, organic leaves in the Aichi and Kagoshima regions of Japan, this blend invites a warm sense of calm and energy in every sip.  Perfect for your daily matcha latte , and easy to use for beginners, but also versatile enough to help you conjure unique top-chef recipes.

"This Matcha is the very best. I ordered it many times and I just feel so much happier and satisfied after a morning cup of this precious tea."

– sherry

"Tried other brands and this is the winner!"

– Joann

The Grower and Region:

Our Emerald Matcha is a blissful blend that comes from the verdant landscapes of Kagoshima, we've been hand-in-hand with one of our first-ever producers since 2015. This region, rich with tradition and skill, holds a special place in our hearts. Crafted by a 9th-degree tea master, our favorite staple blend offers a smooth and reliable taste. It's that comforting flavor you can return to, time and time again, knowing it will never let you down.

Lower caffeine, high energy, less stress...

Our Organic Matcha helps you find calm, detox, and balance. Read more about all the ways Matcha nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

Get the right temperature

Our guide to making a great cup

Making matcha is easy with a few simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Midori Spring?

We're not just another tea company. Our quest for something unique takes us to the heart of Japan, where we connect with farmers and test countless blends. Why? To bring you teas that stand out in flavor and taste. It's personal for us, and we hope you'll taste the difference.

Responsibly sourced from Local Japanese Producers

3rd Party Lab Tested

No Added Sugar or Dairy

100% Happiness Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
So green and smooth!!

I love the vibrant color of this matcha and how smooth it is. it’s amazing!! You can tell you’re drinking a high quality quality matcha and I love that 🌱🫶🏼🍵

Joann G.
Favorite Matcha

Tried other brands and this is the winner!

Have been drinking this for years

This Matcha is smooth! We drink it for the antioxidants. Despite the caffeine, we never have caffeine side effects.

sherry elizabeth
The heavenly Matcha

This Matcha is the very best. I ordered it many times and I just feel so much happier and satisfied after a morning cup of this precious tea.

Melanie B.
High Quality

This is the only Matcha I purchase.

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