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Single Removeable Lid or Box Sticker

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Single Removeable LID/box sticker from a sticker sheet MS-STICKER-REM1-1
Rare Blend
High Antioxidants
25~30 Cups

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Satsifying Sip

Crafted with intent and love, our matcha blend boasts unique terroir and distinctive flavors that are sure to tantalize your palate.

Freshly Ground

Carefully ground in small batches using a MIKAGE stone, resulting in a delicately fine powder that delivers the freshest and most vibrant matcha right to your doorstep!

Clean and Pure

More than just organic. Our tea powders are tested for heavy metals, radiation and various toxins to ensure you get the purest cup possible.

About This Matcha

Most prized superior Matcha blend

This is a rare treat, taken from the best first flush, early crop leaves, harvested from 5 cultivars: Okumidori, Saemidori, Asanoka, Tsuyuhikari, and Yabukita, primarily from the Kagoshima (Kirishima City) regions. Masterly blended in harmonious proportions and milled to perfection on a traditional Mikage Stone to produce a velvety moldavite-green powder. This 1,200-year-old method is what gives our Gold Class matcha its delicate fine texture, beautiful floral scent and perfect 'whiskability'. The result is a deliciously smooth brew that delivers anti-oxidants and zen-like energy.

Flavor Notes: Smooth and earthy, with a silky mouthfeel. This matcha starts with a delicate savory touch and ends with on floral note that matches the delicate aromatics. No harsh, grassy notes here, just the perfect level of matcha umami.

Our tea leaves are sourced from seasonal first harvest lots. Expertly curated and blended by a 30 year veteran tea master to recreate a delicious, and consistent taste profile throughout the year. Our partnership with world renowned experts is the key to producing exceptional quality Matcha. It is also organic, vegan, and tested rigorously for radiation and toxins like molds and heavy metals, because we take your health as seriously as we take our matcha.

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