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"I had the absolute best time brewing and tasting these wonderful teas. I can honestly say I've never had matcha this grand before, and I really appreciated the chance to use my tea set to test them. You have an extraordinary product!

Kelly S

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We want the cleanest, purest tea powder possible, so we test our leaves for toxins, metals, and radiation regularly.
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Why Midori Spring Matcha?


That smooth and creamy matcha texture that’s so highly sought after comes easily when you use truly authentic matcha prepared the ancient Japanese way. Our ceremonial grade Emerald Matcha has been ground to an ultra-fine powder that mixes easily in hot water without clumping for a smooth, velvety, and foamy cup of matcha every time. Use the included 80 prong bamboo whisk for an authentic blending and “fluffing” of your ceremonial grade Japanese matcha.  


Midori Spring matcha isn’t your average product you’d find at the grocery store. We follow the over 1,000 year old growing, harvesting, and grinding practices handed down from ancient Kyoto, Japan. The 100% Japanese sourced green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are grown under shade, otherwise known as tencha, resulting in a richer, darkergreen color, as well as a softer leaf with a sweeter flavor. After harvesting the 1st flush leaves, we then slowly grind the leaves producing just 30 to 40 grams of ceremonial grade matcha per hour. 


After being meticulously blended and finally approved by our veteran 9th degree tea master (cha-si) with over 30 years of experience, our matcha is then milled in small batches each month to preserve amazingly consistent taste and flavor throughout the year. Our tea is sourced from sustainable plantations in Japan, using just water and good soil. Along with rigorous and routine testing for lead and radiation, the strict quality control of our farming to harvesting processes results in the purest matcha in the world. Midori Spring is proud to be USDA certified organic, non GMO, kosher, WHOLE30 approved, vegan, and gluten free. We are also one of the very few to test our matcha for mold and pesticides. 


  • Matcha has a higher concentration of chlorophyll, antioxidants, and highly beneficial amino acids as a result of our authentic and intensive growing, harvesting, and stone grinding practices. With the perfect balance of flavor and healthiness, our matcha will be as delicious as it is beneficial to your wellbeing.

  • Highly effective EGCG (137x more than regular steeped tea) helps promote weight loss and reduction of inflammation
  • Just the right amount of caffeine with an average of 35 mg per cup, giving you a healthy amount of energy and pep to start your day
  • High concentration of l-theanine results in a calming, soothing effect that creates a perfect balance with the caffeine content to prevent jitters
  • Matcha contains powerful antioxidants called catechins which help prevent free radicals from damaging cells in the body when consumed every day


Our Matcha makes deliciously creamy and smooth matcha lattes when blended with steamed milk. Stone ground to a fine powder of just 5-10 microns in size on average, Midori Spring matcha blends effortlessly into a thick and fluffy matcha latte, enhanced by our authentic sweetness and rich caramel-like aroma that results from the 1,000 year old growing practices we follow.  
100% Fairtrade Cocoa

Whole30 Approved

Natural Ingredients

Organic Farming

100% Palm Oil Free

100% vegan

Closed Process

Kosher Certified

Special Limited Double Emerald Bundle

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Organic Ceremonial Matcha Emerald 100g

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  • 100 servings 1st harvest Ceremonial Matcha
  • 30 days Happiness Guarantee
  • Organic, Kosher, Vegan, NON-GMO and Whole30 Approved! 
  • Tested for Pesticides, Molds, Toxins
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Real Customer Reviews

The Issue With Other “Matcha” Brands 

There’s a reason we put “___” around the word Matcha; it’s because most other brands are not authentically made with the same quality of tea leaves and harvesting practices that Midori Spring follows.

The top 3 issues we see with inferior matcha brands are:

Impurities - 

Most other brands do not test for lead and radiation, and practically NO other brands test for mold, pesticides, and a variety of other impurities that Midori Spring carefully measures with each and every batch. 

Generic Mass 

Produced Taste

Many highly-profile Matcha brands produce bland, generic-tasting Matcha sourced from the same location due to their high volume of sales. At our smaller, more focused company, we take care in our selection and ensure our products are fresh, thoughtfully sourced, and meticulously blended for the best taste.

Inauthentic Growing And Harvesting 

The true way of harvesting green tea leaves for matcha is by shading the leaves, creating what’s called tencha. When done correctly, a darker, richer taste and higher chlorophyll level results. Other brands may artificially speed up their process with pesticides or more time efficient growing practices, as well as blending their product with Chinese “filler” tea, whereas we at Midori Spring cut no corners in our truly authentic process.   

The Secret Behind Midori Spring’s Unparalleled Flavor

The real secret behind our delicious taste and velvety smooth texture isn’t really a secret at all. It’s simply the water, soil, and small amount of natural sunlight used in our authentic growing and preparation that makes a truly authentic and pure product.

We believe that the true full bodied flavor and amazing health benefits are derived from the purity of the harvest, without using any pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful growing practices that would affect the tea.

Sourced from sustainable tea plantations directly from Japanese soil, you’ll taste the authentic flavor of true matcha the way that the ancient monks who invented it intended it to taste; Pure, fresh, natural, and bold.